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Since wine cellar doors reopened after perpetual lockdowns, wine-tasting has indeed surged up again as a popular activity at wine estates. Making up for lost time, guests can walk into a magical experience at Nederburg with a choice of various tasting options. Returning visitors can always look forward to something new, from blind tastings to elegant wine & oyster pairings. As people play such an essential role at Nederburg, we want to highlight their Heritage Heroes Range in this feature, a collection of handcrafted wines from specific vineyards honouring some of the exceptional people who played an integral part in shaping their story. 

Nederburg was founded in 1791, and more than three centuries later, they are still relevant and innovative.

The winemaking team is head up by Niël Groenewald as managing director, Samuel Viljoen as ellar master, Zinaschke Steyn as red winemaker, Pieter Badenhorst as white winemaker, Jamie Williams as assistant winemaker and Isabel Teubes as viticulturist.

The Manor Restaurant celebrates heritage food seasoned with nostalgia and the breakfast and platters are equally popular.

“Besides the fact that Chenin Blanc is one of my favourite cultivars, Nederburg managed to build such intense layers into this wine, opening a culinary playground for any avid cook.” – Georgio Meletiou


  • Rule number one. Malva pudding is sweet and delightful, but doubling up on the sugar paired with a dessert wine can make you feel guilty. So instead, indulge in a Chenin Blanc like the Anchor Man, which has a hint of honeycomb while it is bone dry to give your palate some breathing space.
  • Rule number two – go nuts! We love adding walnuts to malva pudding, adding an extra layer of texture. The oak treatment on the Chenin Blanc has also imparted whiffs of almond, walnut and hazelnut aromas, playing matchmaker on your palate.
  • Thirdly, every South African household have a secret Malva recipe, but I like to add some Amarula Cream to the Sauce, which can also qualify as a heritage liqueur. It also finds a kingship in the stone fruit expression in the wine, inviting the creamy texture as a stage for its fresh acidity.
  • If your Malva recipe includes star anise or cinnamon, even nutmeg, hallo – Chenin is your go-to partner. The wine will fill in with mandarin notes, jasmine and ginger, with a warm spice of its own.
  • Alcohol is also a gatekeeper when sweet delicacies are served and will cut through the cloying sweetness of the dessert.
  • Both Chenin Blanc and Malva Pudding are iconic, so if you celebrate a milestone as a South African, no matter where in the world you are, this combination will seal the deal.
  • If you prefer ice cream with your Malva, go for the vanilla bean, which will accentuate the floral notes in the wines. If you like homemade custard, it will coax out vanilla notes in the wine. So whichever way you choose, you are in for an indulgent food and wine experience.

Our Experience

When a bottle from Nederburg’s Heritage Heroes Collection is on the table, honouring legends who contributed to building the brand, we have to pair it with a dish that evokes nostalgia and celebrates our diverse food heritage. 

While heritage food often includes a fire to braai boerewors, cook a festive Tshisanyama, or let you simmer a pot of hearty stew or Malay lamb curry; there is always something sweet waiting in the end. Milk tart served with a glass of muscadel is a good call for the traditionalists, but try a slice of sticky-warm malva pudding, served with a glass of Chenin Blanc. As much as I loved my grandma’s cooking, I needed a refreshing complement to enjoy her syrupy sweet malva pudding. I also learned that it didn’t have to be that overtly saucy and sweet and that a nutty and spicy element invited an exciting host of wines. Speaking of tradition, you may consider Pinotage as it has the same intense viscosity and generous bouquet of dark plummy fruit, but we believe that Chenin Blanc can take it to a new level.

Nederburg’s prizewinning The Anchor Man Od Vine Chenin Blanc 2020 made so much sense as the guinea pig for our experiment. The wine also celebrates Nederburg’s founder, Philippus Wolvaart, who established this Paarl estate in 1791 and planted Chenin Blanc among other varietals. Seeing the potential of the land, he dared to put down anchor, and the synchronicity of it all was that Chenin Blanc also anchored itself as a wine synonymous to our country and making us proud globally.

The Anchorman has an attractive colour, teasing you with all those layers of flavours we spoke about. Intense yellow plum, nectarine, baked pineapple, and stewed apples wrapped in an earthy veil of crushed nuts and dried herbs is on par with the intrigue of old, low-yielding, dry-land bush vines. The fruit is sourced from Paarl and Darling, bringing two worlds together for a balanced and characterful wine. A combination of fermentation vessels also built more character into the wine contributing significantly to the weight and texture of the wine. Doing back to the wine as it has warmed up in the glass, there is a delicate jasmine note affirming the tender side to the wine, taking you back to Nederburg’s roots and where it all started.

Today, this decorated wine has won numerous awards and remains a flagbearer for our heritage.


If you are in the mood for a typical South African food experience matched with fine wines, make your way to Slow Market Nederburg in Paarl that reopened in February, taking place from 09:00 to 15:00). Enjoy Tshisanyama with pap and chakalaka, authentic Cape Malay cuisine, delectable coffee and chocolate pairings and much more. The market boasts a fantastic kids’ play area, and dogs on leashes are welcome. Themed tutored wine tastings are presented on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 and 11:30, and local entertainment will add an extra market vibe.

Covid-friendly: The venue is high-ceilinged, and the grounds are extensive, perfect for families and friends to socialise safely. All vendors and market staff are fully compliant with Covid regulations. 

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