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Married Two Wine was founded by two individuals passionate about wine and one another. They invite you to join their explorative and fun-filled vinous journey that will help you discover your own. Whether you just enjoy drinking a good glass of wine, want to improve your wine knowledge, wow your guests, or looking at elevating your own wine brand, we can assist.

Introducing Wine Affluencers: Samarie and Georgio Meletiou

As we embark on the relaunch of our business, we are proud to present ourselves as Wine Affluencers dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience with wine enthusiasts. You may be wondering what happened to us after the spirited beginnings of Married Two Wine. Well, while initially captivating wine lovers with our video wine reviews and personal musings, we found ourselves immersed in new endeavours.

Samarie, after obtaining her sought-after DipWSET qualification, is now also enrolled in the Cape Winemasters Program. Meanwhile, Georgio is delving into his Water Sommelier Studies while working as the resident Sommelier at Spier Wine Estate.
Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that we are building our dream house, including a small cellar to host intimate wine tastings in 2024. But that’s not all—watch this space, as in August, we will launch an exciting initiative that will benefit private wine clubs, groups of friends, corporate groups, and more. We are bringing the joy of wine tasting right into your own home or working space.

We offer a wide range of wine-related services and experiences, collaborating with wine brands and businesses. It is important to note that we do not consider ourselves influencers. Our influence stems from authenticity rather than social status or vanity metrics. We leverage our expertise, credibility, and ability to educate and inspire our audience about the world of wine. We view wine as a companion to food, a travel partner, a love language, and a vessel for storytelling.

While we will continue offering various wine services, as indicated on our website, we are excited to introduce a new addition to our services: WINE2NITE – a social experience that allows private wine clubs, groups of friends, or any gathering of 10 to 30 guests to enjoy wine tastings in the comfort of their own homes or office spaces. We curate themes and bring together wines from distinguished producers, presenting an interactive masterclass tailored to your preferences. This experience allows you to indulge in the wines you love at prices you love, discover new wines you may not be familiar with, and receive expert tips on food pairings. We can even bring in a chef to enhance the experience. Every aspect of WINE2NITE is customized to suit your interests and preferences. Feel free to reach out for more information.



    Celebrating International #DRINKCHENIN Day!

    Celebrating International #DRINKCHENIN Day!

     "What we do well in South Africa, we do great." – Samarie Smith DIPWSET   IF wine counted under South Africa's big five, Chenin Blanc would be its roaring King of the bushveld, claiming its territory wherever it goes! So come winter rain or some of the Cape's...



    Follow my blog for heartfelt stories from the winelands, summaries of the diverse food and wine offerings, reviews, news, travels and meet the wonderful individuals that make enjoying wine possible.


    Malawian born, I remain a barefooted child at heart. Since graduating from Visual Arts at the University of Stellenbosch, wine became an integral part of my career. I celebrate both my personal wine experiences and deep respect for nature through every piece I create.


    The power behind the picture.

    Samarie is a professional photographer, specialising in portraits, landscapes, oenology, styled food & wine photography, families, animals and art photography. Packages are available on request.


    The Italian everybody wants at their dinner table.  If he is not out fishing or watching Grand Prix, you will find Georgio in the kitchen cooking with a glass of wine – true to his Italian heritage. Georgio has been in the hospitality industry for 28 years; the last 17 years as a Sommelier.

    invite the sommelier to dinner

    Lockdown has changed our social behaviour and limited our public interactions. But, not all is lost. I have curated unique food and wine experiences to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


    A collection of upcoming events we highly recommend you attend.

    Delheim Jazz & Fondue: Delheim in Stellenbosch is presenting its annual series of Jazz & Cheese Fondue Sundays, Hosted in conjunction with the Cape Town Music Academy (CTMA) until 27 August.

     Caroline’s Red Wine Review 2023:  Here is a fantastic opportunity for red wines lovers at The Lookout Venue, Granger Bay Blvd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront on 27 July. Join for an unmissable evening of walk around wine tasting with fellow wine lovers, collectors, sommeliers and prestigious producers. The most highly rated red wines will be shown by the wine makers, each of whom will showcase their single best red wine.



    Get our offering behind your own brand.

    Private and corporate wine tastings

    Tastings can be conducted in the following languages: English, Afrikaans, Italian, Greek and Portuguese.

    Wine Service training

    Comprehensive front of house service training for restaurants and wine estate tasting rooms.

    Wine lists

    Compiling and consultation on wine list in all food and beverage outlets.

    Private Sommelier

    Hosting and professional wine service for bespoke, private events. Assisting clients in stocking private wine cellars and valuating private wine collections.


    Catering to all your copywriting needs, including press releases and wine tastings notes.

    Professional Photography

    Wine events, portraits, harvests, food photography & styling and marketing content.

    Social Media

    Content creation and marketing campaigns, including copy, photography and design.


    Brand Management

    We work together with Smart Octopus to bring you short- and long-term marketing strategies  including customer email journeys, website design, ecommerce strategy, social advertising and more.

    Freelance Journalist

    Food, wine and travel articles, reviews and interviews.


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