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We introduced Nomoya Wines earlier this year, and this power trio – Attilio Dalpiaz, Michela Sfiligoi and Talia Engelbrecht – has more exciting projects. After creating their Nomoya brand, they opened The Wine Hive in Paarl – a wine bar and tasting hub on the main road where wine lovers can indulge in some of South Africa’s most celebrated wines. The Wine Hive is also home to their Nomoya Range, with an array of international wines for visitors to enjoy and benchmark with the typicity of each country. You will also find imported Italian products on the shelves and their own local olive oil. Be sure to try their authentic platters if you plan to visit, and take a few oenophiles with you to buy and share an exciting spread of wines. And to keep you on the edge of your seats, let’s introduce a wine in their stable that is rather unique to the South African territory: Vermentino.

The wine hive is situated in a beautiful historic building on Hoffmans Lane, Paarl, dating back to 1797 – 161 Main Road.

Enjoy a selection of wines from France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa at The Wine Hive.

Be sure to try the Vermentino and their limited release of Pinot Bianco.


  • Italian food doesn’t necessarily include pasta. It is also synonymous with celebrating simple yet profound seasonal ingredients. 
  • Don’t underestimate the power of Vermentino when it comes to food, not even lamb rump. This wine has enough palate weight and fruit concentration to stand up to medium-rare meats that deliver a silky texture.
  • Vermentino has a delectable midpalate expression of nectarine and mandarin, inviting gentle yet profound ingredients to highlight the wine’s ethereal quality like buffalo mozzarella, burrata and roasted peppers to tease your palate with all the push-pull nuances.
  • Roasted red peppers add a gentle flavour when served cold. It also has a velvety texture that matches the viscosity of the wine, and its earthy taste makes the wine appear a bit sweeter.
  • Something delicate like buffalo mozzarella (Mozzarella di bufala) dusted in Maldon salt enhances the intensity of the wine, adding a subtle richness to the pairing.
  • The art of the soulful Mediterranean experience is serving a mix of cold and warm textures that acts like a pendulum for your palate and ensures your senses won’t be fatigued.
  • Don’t forget to sprinkle some micro herbs over the dish to keep the orange zest bitterness of the wine in check.

Our Experience

Attilio Dalpiaz, Michela Sfiligoi and Talia Engelbrecht are rearing up their Wine Hive to become an institution in the main street of Paarl. As one arrives at this beautifully renovated building, the trendy, checkered-tiled courtyard is still more than you expected. The new open-plan bar called The Wine Hive by Nomoya Boasting now features more than 100 local and 40 Italian wines from different regions and varieties. 

They named it The Wine Hive as a beehive is always buzzing with excitement, the objective being an educational, entertaining and aspirational purpose.

On the winemaking side, their vision is to revive Italian grape cultivars, seeking out old vines and focusing on adding popular and niche varietals to the Nomoya brand. Wine lovers often get lost in the Northern parts of Italy in search of delicious white wines, but Sardinia has consistently produced characterful white wines which are vibrant and aromatic. Sans the bells and whistles of long maturation, a wine like Vermentino is best enjoyed with two or three great ingredients.

As with its Italian counterparts, the Nomoya Vermentino has the same mineral gloss that adds clarity to the wine, almost like a magnifying glass highlighting the florals and citrus fruit. This characteristic translates as a saline taste on the palate while the fruit takes on a greener note of apple and green plum that persists with a gentle pithiness adding mouthfeel and texture. Bringing it home to South Africa, where it grows in decomposed granite, it retained the savoury bitterness and slight note of almond that will develop into more intense marzipan aromas as the wine ages. 

Hailing from Paarl, the sun has bestowed a richness to it that, with the smart use of oak, doesn’t forfeit the innate character of the wine. The wine isn’t shy on alcohol, which adds another layer of texture with its viscosity, but it is beautifully balanced and confident.

At the end of the day, we are in South Africa, where the whims of nature will definitely take the lead. When the grapes reach the cellar, a more focused approach honours the traditional methods of whole bunch pressing with minimal interference.

As part of The Wine Hive experience, their daily offering will include ten wines available by the glass, paired with classic Italian platters and Trapizzino – an Italian favourite by Pizza Connection that was created by maestro Stefano Callegari in Rome. 

“It is a dream come true celebrating South African Wines, promoting Nomoya and contributing to tourism.” 

The Wine Hive will be open from Tuesday to Saturday between 10:00 and 18:00. On Wednesday and Friday afternoons, visitors can look forward to themed wine tasting events. This will be an opportunity for wine lovers to meet the winemaker, compare grape varietals grown globally, and taste how other winemaking countries express their terroir in unique wines. Of course, authentic food like artisanal meats and cheeses will complement your tailormade experience! So, pop in for a sip and a snack, or let Michela or Talia help you pick out exceptional wines to enjoy at home.

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